Welcome to Circle Ruth Women’s Ministry

I greet you in love, peace and Gods blessings! It is an exciting time here at Circle Ruth Women’s Ministry. I am to provide women with a solid foundation of prayer, mentorship and fellowship that will allow women to move into their true purpose in life. My goal is to provide women with relationships and opportunities to have a vibrant life in Christ.

This ministry was designed to encourage women to grow in their faith and experience spiritual growth and renewal; through strengthen prayer lives, mentorship and friendships with other women locally and globally, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community. It is my purpose through God to meet the spiritual needs of women through various connections and within different communities. Our mission is to encourage, challenge, equip, and nurture women in their Christian walk as they journey through life.

Being a woman is not easy as we all wear many hats as moms, wives, sisters, CEO’s, Entrepreneurs, sisters, daughters and more. Sometimes this womanhood thing gets chaotic, overwhelming and can cause distractions from our purpose. Here at Circle Ruth Women’s Ministry we are women with everyday real situations and circumstances and we are learning, growing, maturing in the spiritual things so that we can function and focus in the natural things.

I personally invite you to be my personal guest at any of our events. I look forward to hearing how you decided today to join a true sister girl, down to earth and real ministry. May God continue to bless you richly.

Loving you Always