"I was invited to Circle Ruth's prayer breakfast  by a member and to my surprise they were actually praying for some hours.  I was in shock because usually my experience at a prayer breakfast was little to no praying.  When Pastor Diane said she would bless the people with a word, the Lord told me to go.  When she laid her hand on me, God said love her and be faithful to her.  Circle Ruth has been a blessing to me.  The Empowerment Session is a place where anyone can be blessed and respected regardless of title. This is not a show. When I am in trouble or my children they reach out and hold me up.  They do this for all the women. Pastor Diane and the Circle Ruth ministry has created an experience I will never forget.  They reach out to the hungry and the homeless both physically and spiritually. Pastor Diane really seeks God for guidance and I love it. Circle Ruth Women Ministries is an example of being the church to a needing world".

Rauquaia Hale-Wallace

"I have been an inactive member of CRWM for about a year and ½ now.  In 2013, I went thru church hurt, very wounded, and I was not ready to take another hit.  Although I’ve always enjoyed CRWM, I needed some time away from ministry-I had just joined in 2013.  When I learned of the series ‘Seasons of My Life’ and the topic on toxic emotions, I knew I needed to be there.  The first session I attended blessed me, and I couldn't wait until they did another session.  They defined what toxic emotions were, and I could identify with each definition.  The one I remember most is “those emotions that keep you from your destiny”.  That really hit home because it always seemed I sabotaged myself when going forth in destiny.  Now I have a clearer understanding of why this was happening, and the biggest hindrances were my toxic emotions. 

The second session on toxic emotions was held, and I was blessed again.  This time, I feel delivered from some of those toxic emotions, and am ready to move forward just like one of the songs sung said.  The Lord had been nudging me back to CRWM for at least a year now, but I just didn't feel ready.  After receiving some deliverance, I have decided to attend the bi-weekly fellowships again.  These ladies work very hard (just as the previous members did).  I look forward to working with them, and learning and sharing what God has for us to do together. 

Pastor Diane, I thank you for your patience and your prayers.  I’m glad you understood I needed to do what I needed to do.  This is truly a ministry for hurting women, and your love and care are shown towards each woman.  

Thank you, and I love each and every one of you. 

God bless you!  "

"I enjoy and love Circle Ruth Women's Ministry! When I joined the ministry I knew I was called to serve the Lord, I understood ministry, serving, praying etc. However I felt like I was still missing some things spiritually and I had a desire to go deeper in my Christian walk. I had been to many ministries and no one was able to sit me down and assist me because many ministry leaders are unable to walk with you personally. When Pastor Diane offered the Ladies of Ruth "One on One" Mentoring I was excited. We walked through the steps of ensuring I knew what the word of God said about "Me", knowing who I was in God more, praying scriptures, increasing my faith and helping me move in my purpose in God step by step. It was encouraging, humbling, nonjudgmental and I had to examine myself. It was worth the eight weeks and my life will FOREVER be changed; as I continue to walk with God in confidence and strength. The ladies in the ministry are all growing in their own way and we can see the growth in each other in a loving environment where Pastor Diane cultivate us into being who God called us to be."